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Speaking at a California CUPA Forum Training Conference is a great way for agencies and companies to generate publicity and positive exposure. Getting in front of your target audience so you are a part of the conference agenda is a very effective way to get your message across at an event. Develop personal connections (emails, names, handshakes, friendships) with other well-connected folks in your industry, as well as gain additional clients.

To register as a Speaker, submit a speaker biography. Speaker biographies, once submitted, are reviewed and accepted by the Conference Manager, which, when approved, will register you with a FREE pass on the day that you speak. Once registered, you will be able to schedule sessions and upload presentations.

Speakers may also pay additional single-day fees to attend the training conference on additional days.

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Speakers are required to submit a biography each year. Submitted biographies are forwarded to the Conference Manager for approval. Once approved, you will be registered, and able to schedule sessions. Speakers can attend sessions for free on the day they are scheduled to speak, and pay training fees for any other day as well.

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Making speaker presentations available to attendees is an essential part of the training conference, and should be uploaded before the start of the training conference to give attendees time to download and review them.

Convert Powerpoint presentations to PDF and only upload the PDF version of the presentation. Typically, a PDF version of a Powerpoint presentation is considerably smaller in size and will contribute to a reduced load on the webserver. You can export a Powerpoint presentation to PDF directly from Powerpoint, or any Microsoft product.

Please use our Conference PowerPoint Template for your presentation - DOWNLOAD HERE.

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