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Speaking at a California CUPA Training Conference is a great way for agencies and companies to generate publicity and positive exposure. Getting in front of your target audience so you are a part of the conference agenda is a very effective way to get your message across at an event. Develop personal connections and friendships with other well-connected folks in your industry, as well as gain additional clients.

To register as a Speaker, submit a speaker biography OR if you already have a Speaker Biography submitted from a previous conference, EDIT/UPDATE your information at this link. Speaker biographies, once submitted, are reviewed and accepted by the Conference Manager, which, when approved, you will be able to submit an Abstract, schedule Sessions and upload Presentations.  Speakers may also pay additional single-day fees to attend the training conference on additional days.

We will be approving Abstracts by October 31, 2023. You will be contacted by a Track Coordinator or the Conference Manager. Approved Abstracts will receive an email confirmation to the person who submitted the Abstract. When your Abstract gets approved, you are then REGISTERED as a speaker for the day you are presenting. To register for the Full Conference, you must complete a Full registration or pay the daily rate for additional days, purchase a booth or apply for a scholarship if you are a CUPA/PA by October 13th.

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Speakers are required to submit a biography each year. Submitted biographies are forwarded to the Conference Manager for approval. Once approved, you will be registered, and able to schedule sessions. Speakers can attend sessions for free on the day they are scheduled to speak, and pay training fees for any other day as well.

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Speaker Information - 2024 Annual Conference

The 26th California Unified Program Annual Training Conference will be an IN PERSON event on M, T, W & Th from February 26-29, 2024 in Burlingame, CA - (NOTE:  Again this year, Speaker Biographies must be submitted and approved BEFORE an Abstract may be submitted - If you have previously been a speaker, your Bio will pre-populate for your review/edits and submission.  If you make changes to your Bio, it will be submitted for review/approval by the CUPA Team before it will show up to be used in an Abstract submittal.  For questions, please contact the CUPA Team)


February 15, 2024 UPDATE - Have Speaker Questions...Email Our Webmaster or call Tim directly at 530.263.8488.

We have approved 167 Sessions to be presented at our 2024 Conference.  If your Abstract was approved, you have been notified.  Here's some information for your review to prepare for the 2024 Conference:

PowerPoint Template  PowerPoint Template to be used for ALL Presentations.  This is to be used by all speakers (except for Demonstration Sessions...please do NOT use this PPT Template...rather, use your own Organization Template) for their presentation for our CUPA-2024 Annual Conference (updated 2024-01-30 to reduce graphics size).

  1. Speaker Training... CUPA Manager Sheryl Baldwin and Webmaster Tim Snellings held a CUPA Conference Speaker Open Meeting Q&A on Thursday, Feb 15th at 10 am PST on Zoom Video of this Speaker Training - VIEW HERE

  2. Hyatt Meeting Room Facility Capacity Chart - Speakers have asked how big the room is they will be speaking to...how many seats in their room.  This chart provides information about the size of the various rooms where speakers will provide their presentations at the Conference. (updated 2024-02-07)

  3. PowerPoint Template Upload your PowerPoint Presentation - One week before the day of your presentation, you will need to upload your presentation to this DROPBOX FOLDER...NOTE:  This is for your PowerPoint version of your presentation.  (Please name your PPT file as follows: Session Code-Short Title-Your Last Name-Speaker Number such as "TU-L4-EXPLORING CalCUPA LMS-Snellings-1 PPT Presentation".)  It is also recommended to bring your presentation to the conference on a thumb drive...but please make sure you have a backup plan in case you lose the thumb drive or there is some compatibility issue.

  4. PDF iconUpload a PDF of your Presentation - One week before the day of your presentation, you will need to upload a PDF of your presentation so your attendees can view it ahead of time and after the conference.  You will need to upload your PDF presentation directly on this page. (Please name your PDF file as follows: Session Code-Short Title-Your Last Name-Speaker Number such as "TU-L4-EXPLORING CalCUPA LMS-Snellings-1".)  You can also upload any handouts you may have as a PDF on this same page as a separate PDF.

  5. Speaker Training... Train the Trainer Training was held February 6-7  DOWNLOAD TRAINING HANDOUT #1 | TRAINING HANDOUT #2 HANDLING QUESTIONS | DOWNLOAD FLYER | MANAGING SPEECH ANXIETY VIDEO (10:39) (updated 2024-02-09)

     (updated 2024-02-09)

  6. Speaker Training... We held a Speaker Training on January 30th where 87 of our presenters attended.  The Training was recorded...see video links below. (links updated 2024-02-08)
    Zoom Video Recording Part 1 (56:34) Presentation prep, tips & tricks, Speaker Info page
    Zoom Video Recording Part 2 (11:10) Example of using Slido live (you can answer the questions as this poll is active through Feb 25, 2024)
    Zoom Video Recording Part 3 (12:10) Overview of the CalCUPA LMS and instructions on creating Quiz Questions before or shortly after your presentation
    PDF of Speaker Training Presentation on January 30, 2024

  7. Is my Session Being Recorded? - Our goal is to record 34 Conference Session Presentations.  You can view the PDF Agenda to determine if your Session is being recorded (it's highlighted in peach or yellow).  If your Session is being recorded, we are asking our Presenters to provide us with 6-10 multiple choice questions with the correct answer for each hour of the presentation.  This will allow us to convert the video Session into a Course on our Learning Management System...here are the basic steps for preparing your Quiz Questions (we will review this at the Speakers Training Zoom on 02-15-2024...see #1 above for details):

    1. As you prepare your presentation, try to think of natural breaks in subject matter every 25-25 minutes. This allows for us to create 4 videos from a 2 hour presentation for use in the Course.
    2. If we create 4 videos for a 2 hour Course, we need 5 or more Quiz Questions for each 30 minute video.
    3. You should provide quiz questions in a Word Doc highlighting the correct answer to the question.
    4. The quiz questions should be labeled to align with slide numbers in your PDF which will relate to the approximate video length. For example, if your presentation has 80 slides for a 2 hour presentation, you will create breaks in your presentation approximately every 20 slides, which should correlate to about 1/2 hour of video. This does NOT have to be exact, these are simply guidelines for you to follow.
    4. Quiz Questions are typically T/F or Multiple Choice. Again, make sure to highlight the correct answer to the question.
    5. Save your quiz questions word doc with the following name format: Session Code-Short Title-Your Last Name-Quiz Questions, for example, "TU-L4-EXPLORING CalCUPA LMS-Snellings-Quiz Questions" or "TU-L4-EXPLORING CalCUPA LMS-Snellings-Quiz Questions"
    5. Upload your Quiz Questions to our DROPBOX FOLDER
    6. Send an email to webmaster@calcupa.org and let me know that you have uploaded your Quiz Questions
    7. You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.
    8. If you don't receive a follow up email, please call or text me at 530.263.8488

  8. NOTE:  As a presenter/speaker, you are registered for the Conference automatically for the day/days you are presenting...this includes your lunch, please make your lunch selection HERE ASAP.  If you want to attend more days, you will need to pay for those days on our registration page.  View your registration status on the Conference Homepage.

  9. Select Your Lunches Got Lunch?  Please make sure to select your lunch for the days you will be attending the conference. NOTE:  New lunch options were added on 2/3/2024, so you might want to check this link again and make sure you are ordering the best lunch for you. You have until 02/15/2024 to make a change...after that, your selection is "locked in". (updated 2024-02-08)

  10. Using Slido for Audience Participation/Poll Questions - Requires some coordination with our Webmaster and Conference AV Team...and it is fun for your attendees to engage actively with you during your presentation...here are the basic steps for using Slido (we will review this at the Speakers Training Zoom on 02-15-2024...see #1 above for details):

    1. Prepare your Poll questions with the correct answer highlighted in a Word doc.  Question format can be Word Cloud, Open Text, T/F or Multiple Choice.
    2. Create a placeholder slide for each Slido question in your PowerPoint presentation.
    3. Finalize both documents.
    4. Name each of them in the following format: Session Code-Short Title-Your Last Name-Speaker Number, for example, "TU-L4-EXPLORING CalCUPA LMS-Snellings-1 PPT Presentation" or "TU-L4-EXPLORING CalCUPA LMS-Snellings-1 Slido Poll Questions"
    5. Upload each file to the DROPBOX FOLDER
    6. Send an email to webmaster@calcupa.org and inform me of your file uploads.
    7. You will receive a follow up email within 24 hours.
    8. If you don't receive a follow up email, please call or text me at 530.263.8488
  11. Upload a Photo of yourself to your Profile - When you login, you will be taken to the Member Dashboard.  Click on the image above your Member ID on the left side of the page.  Select the "Choose File" button.  Navigate to a 100x100 or 200x200 px image and select image and click on "Upload Pic"...you should then see it now above your Member ID.

  12. View your Session Roster in Advance to gauge your audience...1) Login to the website.  2) Proceed to our Online Agenda.  3) Scroll through/Search the Agenda and find your Session.  4) Click on the "Roster" button on the bottom right of the Session Information to view who has signed up for your Session.  5) If interested, you can download the attendees in a CSV file format.  Of course, this will change as we get closer to the event.

  13. Speaker Preparation Room Available - Boardrooms 1 & 5 will provide a quiet place for final preparation for your presentation.  If you have time, please stop by.  


All Sessions are for educational purposes and not intended to be a sales presentation.  Abstracts were reviewed for interest, significance and relevance to the conference theme.   Send Abstract inquiries to Sheryl Baldwin, Conference Manager at Sheryl@calcupa.org or call (530) 676-0815 for any questions.

Co-Conference Chairs 

Marjorie Terrell, San Mateo County
Mario Tresierras, LA County Fire Dept.
Jason Boetzer, CalEPA
Kristen Ward, San Bernardino Fire Dept.
Conference Manager, Sheryl Baldwin, CAL CUPA Forum


CUPA-2024 Abstract Online Submittal Form Information

If you have any questions about this process, please contact conferencemanager@calcupa.org or call 530-676-0815.

Making speaker presentations available to attendees is an essential part of the training conference, and should be uploaded before the start of the training conference to give attendees time to download and review them.

Please use our 2024 Conference PowerPoint Template for your presentation - 2024 CUPA Speaker/Presenter PPT Template (coming soon).

Convert your Powerpoint presentation and/or handouts to PDF and only upload the PDF version of each by clicking on the green "Upload Presentation" below. You will be able to connect your PDF presentation/handouts to your Session using a dropdown selection option on the Upload Presentation screen.

Typically, a PDF version of a Powerpoint presentation/handouts is considerably smaller in size and will contribute to a reduced load on the webserver. You can export a Powerpoint presentation to PDF directly from Powerpoint, or any Microsoft product.

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