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5500 Overland Ave #170, San Diego, CA 92123

Protecting the environment and enhancing public health by preventing disease, promoting environmental responsibility and, when necessary, enforcing environmental and public health laws. Our goal is "Healthy People in Healthy Communities Free from Disease due to the Environment." San Diego Department of Environmental Health accomplishes it's mission through the work of its four divisions.
  • Food and Housing (FHD) conducts more than 39,000 restaurant and food truck / food cart inspections each year and issues the appropriate A-B-C grade card.
  • Land and Water Quality tests the water of our world-famous beaches and bays and posts the results for residents and visitors.
  • Community Health conducts collection of household hazardous materials in the unincorporated county; coordinates the county's asbestos and lead programs; and runs the vector control program to keep us safe from diseases such as West Nile virus, hantavirus, Lyme disease, and others.
  • Hazardous Materials Division regulates more than 13,000 businesses to ensure that hazardous materials, hazardous and medical wastes, are properly cataloged, stored and managed.