Rural Training Assistance Grant

The CUPA Forum Board is currently accepting applications to develop a list of qualified trainers for the Rural County Training Assistance Grant.

The California CUPA Forum Trust funds projects that help with implementation of the Unified Program throughout California. The Trust Fund recently approved a grant project to assist all rural counties in California.

The following is an explanation of the details of the Rural County Training and Resource Assistance Grant which is a new and innovative grant program for Unified Program Agencies that qualify.

Unlike large urban inspection programs, rural counties have less staff and often rely on one individual for program implementation. This can lead to major impacts on the program when an individual leaves the agency or retires. In an effort to assist these rural county programs the grant will provide funding to have CUPA staff from other counties provide either in-service field training or classroom training to staff or both if requested. The concept is to have trained staff from adjacent or nearby counties take time off, and on selected days to be a trainer for the rural county or counties. The staff would be paid from the grant, and the grant administration would be provided through the CUPA Forum Board staff.