Inspection & Enforcement

Inspections is a primary component of the unified program responsibilities, to ensure compliance with established statutes and regulations. How violations and observations are documented and how we reach compliance is outlined in a number of documents prepared by the Unified Program and its various State partners. Enforcement is an essential element of the UPA program that levels the playing field for all regulated facilities, deprives violators of economic gains obtained by violation, and deters other potential future violators. While compliance is the ultimate goal and a variety of program activities can help meet that goal, enforcement options are the critical foundation that backs up any other compliance training or assistance efforts.

Unified Program regulations require that the enforcement process contain a graduated series of actions that should be taken based on the severity of the violations. For the most serious (class one) violations, formal administrative, civil or criminal enforcement is essential. How violations are documented, classified and enforced are all outlined in guidance documents and in the UPA Inspection and Enforcement (I&E) Plan.

The CUPA Forum Board is heavily invested in all matters pertaining to inspection and enforcement of all UPA program elements. Through cooperative efforts, policies and protocols are deliberated with our State and federal partner agencies and described in several key guidance documents.