CUPA Forum Trust

The California Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA) Forum Board established the CUPA Forum Environmental Protection Trust Fund in 2009 (Trust Regulations). This Trust was established to manage and disburse monies from enforcement case settlements to enhance the investigation, inspection and enforcement of Unified Programs throughout the State of California.

These monies will be disbursed through a Grant process. Grant requests shall be made using the Grant Application on this page. They must submitted no later than March 31st of each year. Grant requests may be approved in whole or in part and upon such terms and conditions as the Trustees deem appropriate. Successful grant applications will be awarded for the following fiscal year beginning July 1.

Grant applications must be complete before they will be considered. All specific certifications must be checked. The intended purpose of the grant could be as simple as the purchase of one instrument or a complex program dealing with training, equipment and implementation. The only mandatory award criterion is that the intended purpose must benefit Unified Program implementation and enforcement.