CUPA Forum Training Center

The CFB has long identified training as a core function of the organization with an annual unified program training conference as the hallmark event. In addition, through a Training Issue Coordinator, training events, opportunities, and planning activities are facilitated through regional training coordinators (RTCs) in each of the four CUPA Forum regions.

annual conference

Annual Conference

Training in subjects related to enhancing Unified Program implementation.

cech training library

REHS CECH Training Library

Continuing Education training video library for earning CECH hours online.

training video library

CUPA Forum Training Library

Training videos from the CUPA Forum Training Conference.


Rural Training Assistance Grant

The Trust Fund approved a grant project to assist rural counties in California.


Training Documents

Training funding request, recognized provider application, CEU Policies.


CUPA Training Framework

The use of a standardized training framework will help to assure consistency.