What is a CUPA?

A Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA) is a local agency certified by CalEPA to implement and enforce six state hazardous waste and hazardous materials regulatory management programs.

Unified Program Acronyms

CUPA Accomplishments

Since the inception of the California CUPA program there have been several major accomplishments.  These accomplishments include: Increased number of inspections, improved program consistency across agencies, government efficiency through close collaboration with oversight agencies, enhanced emergency response capabilities, effective program efficacy verification, and our continued efforts in providing annual to training regulators and our regulated community.  Please see our two page 2020 Accomplishments document.


In the early 1990s, the regulation of hazardous materials and waste, as well as local emergency response, was diffused across more than 1,100 local and state agencies in California. In 1993, the Governor signed California Senate Bill 1082, establishing the Unified Program. The law enabled the consolidation and coordination of the administration, permit, inspection, and enforcement activities of the six environmental regulatory programs. City and County agencies could apply to become a CUPA and receive delegated authority from State agencies to enforce a variety of laws in their jurisdiction. Further, a local agency could apply to be a Participating Agency (PA) working with a CUPA to implement only a portion of the delegated programs. Soon after, CUPAs and PAs throughout the state formed the California CUPA Forum to coordinate Unified Program implementation efforts and represent all unified program agencies with a single voice. CalEPA, in collaboration with the California CUPA Forum and state and federal agency representatives established the Unified Program Administration and Advisory Group (UPAAG) to effectively address policy decisions, training and problem solving.

CUPA Forum Board Mission

The California CUPA Forum was formed to provide a single statewide organization consolidating unified program implementation efforts and representing all Unified Program Agencies with a single voice.

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