Opening Ceremony

JOHN WILSON, Instructor - CBL Training & Consulting

john wilson

John is the founder of CBL Training and Consulting (CBLTAC), which began in 2004. John is currently a California State Peace Officer and works as a specialized investigator. He has worked in a variety of positions including street patrol, auto theft and drug investigations, and as a police academy instructor (Criminal Law, Impaired Driving, and Physical Training). He has served as a Drug Recognition Expert, and is court certified in Merced and El Dorado Counties as an expert in street drugs and influence.

John is a P.O.S.T. certified homicide investigator, sex crimes investigator, crime scene investigator (CSI), auto theft investigator, DOJ-BNE narcotics investigator, and methamphetamine laboratory investigator among other certifications. Before becoming a peace officer, he was an Outdoor Adventure Education Supervisor for an at-risk youth program working for the Tulare County Office of Education. He also worked for King's View Center as a Child Care Worker in a chemical dependency unit in Tulare County, California.

John served as a seasonal US Forest Service Wildland Firefighter in the Sierra Nevada mountains and is a U.S. Army veteran.