Opening Ceremony

23rd California Unified Program Annual Training Conference

Unified in Shaping Tomorrow
February 2, 2021

Kim Becking Keynote Speaker






Fred Chun, CFB Chair, Santa Clara City Fire

Marjorie Terrell, CFB Vice Chair, San Mateo

Chaplain Mindi Russell, California Chaplains CORPS

10:20  CUPA FORUM UPDATE Fred Chun, CFB Chair, Santa Clara City Fire
10:35 CalEPA UNIFIED PROGRAM UPDATE   Caroline Godkin, Deputy Secretary
Jason Boetzer, Assistant Secretary       
10:45 CalEPA WELCOME Secretary Jared Blumenfeld 
Secretary’s Award for Environmental Achievement
11:00 KEYNOTE SPEAKER YouTube Video for Kim Becking Kim Becking, MOMENTUM MOTIVATION - "Build a Momentum Mindset:  How to Conquer Change, Boost Resilience and Reemerge for a Stronger and Better Tomorrow" - Inspiring. Engaging. Riveting. Laugh-out-loud funny. Authentic.  Highly entertaining. With a rare ability to connect at a deeper level with her audiences – in person or virtually.  Kim is a sought-after thought leader on change and resilience who leaves her audiences with a “Momentum Mindset” - ready to conquer change and become more resilient no matter what.  MORE INFO ABOUT KIM | Boost Your Resilience Handout
12:00 - 12:30pm Q&A for Kim Becking
1:00 pm  CONFERENCE SESSIONS START see Program Agenda | Conference Registration


Kristen Ward, Marjorie Terrell & Jason Boetzer, Co-Conference Chairs

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