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  Announcing The CUPA Forum's CUPA Profile Project  2020-10-05 10:25:34

Project description: The CUPA Forum has been posting profiles of selected CUPA agencies on our website for the past two years. These profiles provide an in depth look at CUPA agencies, their differences, unique challenges, demographics and accomplishments. There are six profiles currently posted ( and now the board has undertaken an aggressive project to have all of the CUPAs profiled and the articles posted before the Forum's 25th anniversary in January of 2023. That means we need to get 75 articles written in the next 24 months. The Board has contracted with Bill Lent (, a founding board member, to write these articles.

Who: With your help every CUPA in the state will be profiled in the next two years.

When: The Board will determine the schedule and will notify each CUPA. You will be notified by the CUPA Forum at least six weeks prior to your agencys scheduled date, if you need to reschedule just let Bill know. This project is starting immediately with the first interview in early October 2020 followed by at least three interviews each month until the project is completed.

What: Each CUPA Manager will need to select the person to be interviewed (usually the CUPA Manager or Director) and provide several times that they will be available along with their contact information. You will also need to provide your agency logo and two staff photos of staff or whatever you want presented with the article. Most CUPAs provide a group photo. Instructions on how to upload these documents are provided below.

Where: All interviews will be conducted via Zoom.

How: Once a time and date are confirmed, Bill Lent will conduct an interview with you via Zoom. The interviews typically take about an hour and cover your agency staffing and history, facility inventory, unique challenges and innovative programs. This is the opportunity to showcase your agency and let everyone know that in addition to protecting the community one inspection at a time, CUPAs also assist with wildfire hazard assessment and cleanup, contact tracing during a pandemic, emergency response and much more.

Why: Because the work that local CUPA staff do is critical to community safety and environmental health and we want folks to know.

Here's the process for a CUPA Manager to upload your logo and photos to the CUPA website:
1.Login to the CUPA website
2.Click on Members/Manager Dashboard -
3.To add your Logo and Photos, click on the Dropbox icon and click the to add your logo (select Logo folder) and 2 department photos (select the Photos folder). The file type will probably be jpg, but it might be png or gif. Name them with your County Name-logo or photo so they are easy to find in the next step. Its best if the image size is around 265x265 pixels so that it will size correctly on the page. For the Description of the image, put County Name and CUPA Profile. Leave Keywords blank. Save.
4.To add your CUPA profile, click on the CUPA Profiles icon and click on the sign to add your CUPA profile. Fill out the fields data. For Description enter the placeholder To be entered by Bill Lent. Bill will be interviewing you to gather this information. Enter your department website link in the Direct URL. For Logo URL, find the file that you uploaded to the Logo Folder and select it. The same for the 2 photos you uploaded. Use a google map link to enter your office location. Click Add Profile.
5.The website will send an email to Bill Lent, Sheryl Baldwin and Tim Snellings when the profile is saved.

For questions, please contact Bill Lent at

Posted: 2020-10-05 10:25:34