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  RFP - Unified Program Annual Conference Video Editing  2018-06-04 09:46:57

Each year our annual Unified Program Training Conference is held to train and educate regulators and
industry on a variety of topics. In an effort to provide training opportunities for those not in attendance,
the CUPA Forum Board has videotaped specific classes for subsequent posting on the CUPA Forum
website. During the videotaping, both the instructors and their visual aids (PowerPoint for example) are

This project is to edit the recorded footage, synchronizing the presenter and visual aids. The desired
approach is to start with a narrative insert (for example the name of the presentation and speaker), and
to have the video transition between the presenter and visual aids throughout the course, rather than a
static video of the presenter. In addition, specific videos may be identified by the Project Manager or his
designee to be used for certification or continuing education credit. Each of these videos should have a
mechanism to ensure students watch the entire video and track viewer progress. This may be in the
form of video stops or other tools to ensure students don't just turn on the video and walk away.

Posted: 2018-06-04 09:46:57