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  2018 Legislator of the Year Award - Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi  2018-05-28 22:46:40

Legislator of the Year 2018
April 10, 2018 - In the bustling halls of the State capital building during this time of year, Assemblymembers and Senators are busy going to numerous different committee hearings and meetings to discuss the latest offerings of bills. Consultants and lobbyists are frantically trying to coordinate and discuss their latest amendments or positions while making their way to the same committee hearings to voice their support, opposition or concerns with any number of pending bills. In the middle of the fray, Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi who represents Californias 66th Assembly District in the South Bay of Los Angeles, took a few minutes in his office to receive a group of local representatives of unified program agencies.

Members of the CUPA Forum Board were honored to present Assemblymember Muratsuchi with the Legislator of the Year award for his 2017 work on a suite of bills to enhance public safety and protection in communities near refineries. Executive Board member Marie Woodin (Sacramento County) led the presentation with Bill Jones (Los Angeles County), Legislative Issue Coordinator, Randy Sawyer (Contra Costa County), Cal ARP Issue Coordinator and Justin Malan (California Association of Environmental Health Administrators) echoing their thanks and appreciation for his bills and willingness to discuss their local perspectives during the legislative process last year. Following the presentation, attendees discussed the upcoming Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Committee hearing for AB 3138 designed to enhance penalties for Cal ARP facilities. Congratulations to Assemblymember Muratsuchi and heres to his continued support for public and environmental protection.

Posted: 2018-05-28 22:46:40