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  Disaster / Wildfire Emergency & Assistance Final Documents Posted  2022-09-07 13:43:18

Updated 2022-11-23 to alert members to the fact that the Appendices/Reference Documents are all now available directly on our website at out these MANY (68 PDFs) to help you plan for the next disaster

CalCUPA posted (on June 23, 2022) the final documents from the Disaster Symposium II that was held in San Diego on May 26-27, 2022. As jurisdictions experience wildfire (and other) disasters, it is important to review this vital information to assist with the response and recovery. Some of the key documents include:
- the Disaster Emergency Assistance Plan in both Word and PDF formats
- Appendix A: Disaster Response Process
- Appendix B: Resource Request Overview
- Appendix C: Resource Request Process Under ESF-8
- Appendix D: Resource Request Process for Fire UPA Resources
- Appendix E: MAA Example Region I and VI
- All PowerPoints and Handouts from the workshop

Posted: 2022-09-07 13:43:18