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Save the Date 2021
Important Message Regarding 2021 Unified Program Annual Training Conference
 - THE 23RD ANNUAL TRAINING CONFERENCE WILL BE HELD IN VIRTUAL SESSIONS...details still being worked out...please stay tuned for more information....View 2021 Conference Attendee Letter from our Cal CUPA Forum Conference Chair.

[COMING SOON - Abstract Submittals for our 2021 Annual Training Conference (Virtual)]

22nd Annual CUPA Conference is February 3-6, 2020 - Visit our 2020 Conference Homepage
AGENDA: Online Conference Agenda | PDF Conference Agenda

Where are my CEU Certficates? After you login, you must visit your Course History in your member profile to view/save/print your CEU Certificates. (NOTE: You must have completed your Session Check IN/Check OUT, Session Evaluation) - Conference Survey Expired on April 18, 2020

VIEW OUR 2020 Annual Conference Presentations

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21st Annual CUPA Conference - This was a great conference during the week of February 25-28, 2019.  Over 2,800 Local, State, Federal, Environmental Health, HAZMAT and Fire HAZMAT Agencies, Industry, Environmental Consultants, Organizations, Public Officials, Students and Academia and Exhibitors all came together for an excellent week of education and networking. - 2019 Conference History Homepage | Download FINAL Conference PDF Agenda | View/Download 2019 Presentations (must be logged in) | Conference Survey Expired on April 01, 2019 | View My CEUs (must be logged in)
Where are my CEU Certficates for the Annual Conference? After you login, you must visit your Course History in your member profile to view/save/print your CEU Certificates. (NOTE: You must have completed your Session Check IN/Check OUT, Session Evaluations and Conference Survey to receive your CEUs - NOTE: CONFERENCE SURVEYS CLOSED ON 04-01-2019.)


The California CUPA Forum is a statewide alliance of Certified Unified Program Agencies (CUPAs) and Participating Agencies (collectively known as Unified Program Agencies-UPAs) that implement the Unified Program under California Health and Safety Code Division 20, Chapter 6.11. The organization works to update and continuously improve the Unified Program for the agencies, businesses and communities served.

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Californians are protected from hazardous waste and materials.

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Professional training and Annual Conference information.

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Manage and disburse monies from enforcement case settlements.


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Enforcement is an essential element of the UPA program.

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Agency and Staff directory for CUPAs and Participating Agencies.

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Profiles of state-wide CUPAs, mission, photos, directions, maps.

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For many local agencies a critical responsibility.
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