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MICHAEL POLKABLA, Senior Certified Industrial Hygienist, Principal - BioMax Environmental Inc

Mr. Michael A. Polkabla, CIH, REA is a Principal and Senior Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) at BioMax Environmental, Inc. Michael has accumulated over 30-years of experience in environmental consulting and industrial hygiene compliance within a wide range of industries and has become a leading expert in the assessment and cleanup of toxic contamination associated with clandestine drug manufacturing, distribution, and processing sites. Michael is also an active member of the American Industrial Hygiene Associations national Opioid Working Group and as a result, is at the forefront of current assessment and cleanup technologies and practices both federally and throughout California. Mr. Polkabla is a published author and expert in drug residue contamination assessment and cleanup and assisted in the drafting and implementation of current California regulatory standards and county CUPA guidance protocols associated involving the assessment and cleanup of sites contaminated with opioids and/or other illicit drug residues.


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