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DAVID WADSWORTH, ENV Health Specialist III - Ventura County EHD

David Wadsworth, Environmental Health Specialist III County of Ventura, Environmental Health Division, CUPA Program. Conduct inspections at facilities which produce and store hazardous substances, hazardous waste, store hazardous substances in aboveground storage tanks and underground storage tanks, treat hazardous waste and recycle hazardous waste & document findings from the inspections. Educate the businesses in what actions are required to be in compliance with the laws of the State in regards to hazardous materials, hazardous wastes, aboveground tanks, underground tanks, treatment of hazardous waste and recycling of hazardous waste. Respond with fire departments to hazardous materials incidents and assist law enforcement agencies in drug lab clean-ups. Investigate and prepare "Statement of Facts" for submittal to the District Attorneys office in cases of civil/criminal investigations and give expert testimony.


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