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ROBERT WISE, Federal On-Scene Coordinator - US EPA Region 9

Robert Wise has over 32 years experience in the Superfund Removal Action Program as a FIT, TAT or START contractor and as an EPA OSC. OSC Wise has managed or worked on a a wide range of cleanup including chemical, biological agent, explosives and radiological sites. OSC Wise is recognized expert on mercury, radiation and mad chemist cleanups. OSC. Wise serves on EPA's Mercury Response National Taskforce, Nation Radiation Preparedness Group and the OSC Academy Training Board. In past years OSC Wise has also represented EPA Region 9 on the National OSC Readiness Taskforce and the Health and Safety Work Group. OSC Wise is currently spearheading EPA's teaming effort with the FBI's Hazardous Device Team's Stabilization Team to address contamination and disposal issues associated with the render safe of radiologic dispersal devices. OSC Wise is a regular instructor on these topics and other related topics at conferences nation wide. Mr. Wise has also taught classes in emergency response in extension programs at UCLA, USC, UC Berkley and UC Davis. OSC Wise is the EPA representative to the CUPA Forum Training Board and the Continuing Challenge Hazmat Workshop.

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