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DANIELLE STEFANI, Assistant Fire Marshal - Livermore-Pleasanton Fire

Danielle Stefani is an Assistant Fire Marshal with the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department. She is responsible for the oversight of the Unified Program, hazardous materials plan checks, all Fire Prevention field inspectors, and the Annual Fire Inspection Program. Ms. Stefani has a degree in Chemistry. She has worked in private industry as a manufacturing facility chemist, as a hazardous materials and waste consultant and for the last 33 years as a fire department regulator. As a fire department regulator her scope includes not only hazardous materials issues, but the full scope of fire safety issues, including but not limited to fire sprinklers, fire alarms, vegetation management, and egress. This background has given her a broad understanding of and extensive experience with hazardous materials safety and environmental regulations and general fire safety provisions. .

J1-2/4, O-2/25, O-3/3, O-3/9, O-3/17

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