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JOHNNY WALES, Environmental Specialist - Redhorse Corp

I am Johnny Wales, Environmental Specialist for Redhorse Corporation. My primary role is to serve as the point of contact for the CA State Water Resources Control Board's RUST (Replacing, Removing, or Replacing Underground Storage Tanks) program, which provides grants and loans to eligible owners and operators of USTs to assist with financing UST replacement, removal, and upgrade projects. I am in charge of outreach to single-walled UST owners and operators, educating them about the 12/31/25 permanent closure deadline, consequences of failure to comply, and directing them toward RUST if they have financial obstacles to closing their single-walled USTs. This single-walled UST outreach is embodied in the UST Closure Commitment Plan effort, which is a correspondence package with fact sheets about single-walled USTs and RUST, and a fillable form that asks the owner/operator to answer questions that outline their sites' paths to permanently closing their single-walled USTs, for the purpose of gathering data about the future use of sites, when sites will be permanently closed, and screening for RUST eligibility. I work with the SWRCB's Office of Enforcement with outreach to owners of improperly abandoned USTs, informing them of RUST resources to help finance abandoned UST removal.

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