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SAUDA YERABATI, Env Hlth Emergency Preparedness Coordinator - CA Dept of Public Health

Sauda Yerabati, MPH (Env Health Sci), Environmental Health/ Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Center for Environmental Health, California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Saudas experience encompasses over 25 years of work in environmental health, toxicology, epidemiology, lab research, emergency preparedness and response, supervisory experience, project management, program development, outreach, and training. When shes not serving as a member of the Emergency Support Function 8 team for emergency response, Sauda works with partners from all levels of government to improve capabilities for all hazards disaster response by integrating the expertise of environmental health practitioners. Sauda leads the Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) Program team at the Center for Environmental Health (CEH), CDPH. In addition to organizing EHTER Awareness workshops and training on community reception centers for radiologic/ nuclear incidents, Sauda has delivered numerous presentations at conferences and workshops over the last five years to audiences ranging from scientists and clinicians to first responders. Sauda is a FEMA-certified trainer for EHTER Operational level training and helped to plan and deliver the first EHTER X course in California.

I-2/11, I-2/17, I-2/18, I-2/23, I-3/4

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