Here are a few good reasons to signup for a FREE training account

When you create a CUPA Training Account account, we can track your online payments, classes, CEUs, course history, invoice history, and all of your information related to attending CA CUPA Training Conferences. We maintain your course history indefinitely, unless you choose to delete your account. REHS and ICC members can generate course completion certificates whenever they need them for license renewal, and all attendees have the option of generating course certificates if you scan into and out of sessions.

Below are a few benefits of creating and maintaining a CUPA training account:

  • Automated, and on-demand course certificate generation
  • Complete course history
  • Complete invoice history
  • Your own personal Helpdesk
  • Submit speaker biographies
  • Exhibitor registration and online payment of Exhibitor fees
  • Online payment of attendee fees
  • Online payment of student fees
  • Access to our online session scheduler
  • Automated itinerary after session scheduling
  • Access to automated tools
  • Easily submit and track required session evaluations
  • Easily submit and track conference evaluations
  • Training profile of course work completed based on the Unified Technical Training Framework
  • Generate session attendance lists (for speakers only)
  • Upload and manage Speaker presentations (for speakers Only)
  • Access to all posted speaker presentations
  • Submit volunteer signup requests (scholarship recipients only)
  • Pre-register sessions
  • Take online exams for CEUs
  • Submit questions directly to the TAG group
  • Timecode Analyzer
  • ...and much more