REHS/ICC Training Videos

There are MANY videos that you can watch/review for FREE from 2019 and earlier (if you don't need a CEU Certificate). If you do want the CEU Certificate, please pay $25 per Video, complete a Course Evaluation and your REHS/ICC Certificate will show up in your Course History. Once you are registered, you can also obtain CEUs from watching videos on this page (PLEASE NOTE: NEAR THE END OF 2023, YOU WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO EARN CEUS ON THIS PAGE.  YOU WILL NEED TO ACCESS THE CUPA LMS TO EARN CEUS OR ATTEND AN IN PERSON EVENT/CONFERENCE).  Check out all of our videos below.

NOTE:  To view by a certain Track/Subject, click on the filter Filter on right side of the table. Also, if you've paid for your subscription and have watched the video, click on the "I Watched the Video" to reveal the "Evaluation" button. 

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