There are a few important items that we've learned over the years when presenting to an audience. Although some of the items are specific to videotaping a session, they are still relevent to giving a pesentation in general. Please carefully read the following presentation tips:

  1. Please post your presentation material in your profile by January 20, 2017. Log into your profile, click the SPEAKERS tab and select "Manage My Presentations". Then click the green plus sign on the right side of the page to upload a new presentation. Please post only PDF files. You can add/edit/delete as many presentations as you'll need. If you need assistance, email your presentation to our webmaster at webmaster@calcupa.org and we will get it posted for you. Also, please bring your presentation on a flashdrive, including any videos that will part of your presentation. We also strongly suggest you bring a back-up copy of your presentation.
  2. Please prepare presentations with a font size no smaller than 18pt but up to 38pt for people reading the screen from across the room.
  3. Limit each slide to six bullet points so it is not too busy.
  4. Posting your presentation online in advance allows attendees to print out the presentation prior to arrival.
  5. If you want to provide handouts, please bring 100-150 copies of your handouts for your audience. We will not provide copies at the conference.
  6. Your presentation needs to fill the entire time listed in the conference program due to continuing education requirements. Please plan your sessions accordingly. Session times are from 8-9:45am, 10-11:45am, 1-2:45pm and 3-4:45pm.
  7. Microphones, podium, sound, screen, laptop computer with powerpoint, audio sound, laser pointer and computer projector will be available in each room. For video taped sessions we have ordered lapel mics and an extra Q&A wireless handheld mic. If you have a SPECIAL REQUEST (slide projector, flip charts etc.), please call or email Sheryl (sheryl@calcupa.org ) before January 20th to arrange the details. All AV has to be contracted in advance. Extra orders for AV or Internet MUST BE made in advance to avoid unnecessary last minute expenditures, and to make sure we can meet your requirements in time.
  8. A CUPA Forum Board member will introduce speaker(s).
  9. Please report to the Registration booth, Bay Tower. Staff will provide you with additional information, location of the "speaker ready room", how to contact the AV staff for assistance, etc.
  10. A map will be posted on the website to assist you in finding the meeting room.
  11. When giving your presentation, please make it obvious when you change slides, i.e., announce the slide change verbally and emphasize the title of slide. We often have to rely on verbal and physical clues when slides are changed when we map the slide change to the video after the conference. Also, it helps to keep your audience's attention when you are more dramatic when a slide changes.
  12. When the audience asks a question, please have the Session Moderator put the wireless mic on the person asking the question, and always re-state the question so everyone in the audience can hear. This is even more important when being videotaped because the audio may not record the question if too far away from the equipment.

Speaker Emergency –- If something comes up please let your coordinator know or call the conference manager, Sheryl Baldwin (Sheryl@calcupa.org), the CUPA office (530-676-0815) or by cell phone (530-363-0027).

Please also read Speaker Videotaping for general tips presenting to an audience while being videotaped.

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