Recognized provider approval requests

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The California CUPA Forum has been approved as a Continuing Education Accrediting Agency for Registered Environmental Health Specialists by the California Department of Health.

To be eligible for Continuing Education Contact hours (CECHs) classes must be delivered by an approved Recognized Provider and conform to the requirements of Title 22, California code of regulations, Division 4, Chapter 23 section 65805. Please read the Continuing Education Contact Hours (CECH) Policies and fees and if you are interested in applying.

The fee to become a Recognized Provider is $50 per approved course which is good for three years. This fee is waived for CUPAs or PAs, but only for Unified Program courses.

Recognized Providers (RP) are required to provide each attendee with a certificate and maintain their training records for five years. As an additional service the California CUPA Forum can provide this service for an RP for an additional charge of $10 per attendee.

To become a Recognized Provider please complete the RP application below and submit it to no later than 30 days prior to your training. There are no fees for CUPAs or PAs to apply. If you have any questions please call 530-676-0815.

To pay RP Fees, login to your CUPA Training Account, click the "PAY FEES" tab, locate the RP Fees, add to your cart and check out.