CA CUPA Forum Training Conference Continuing Education Policies

scan in and out

It is required for conference participants to be SCANNED IN AND OUT OF EACH SESSION for acquiring continuing education credits. If, for some reason, you do not SCAN IN AND SCAN OUT of sessions, the sessions will not show up in your session history, you will not receive REHS or ICC continuing education contact hours for the session.

Partial credit is now allowed. However, you must be in attendance for the minimum amount of time before partial credit will be allowed. The REHS CEU policy is .50 minutes = 1 contact hour. If you attend a session for less than .50 minutes you may not receive credit for that time.

A participant cannot split up sessions, i.e., get 1 contact hour for a session, leave that session and then go to anther session at the same time and get credit for two sessions. Choose one session and stay in that session to get credit.

If you feel you have scanned in and scanned out and completed an evaluation, but the session does not show up in your course history, log into your account and send us an email through the help desk. If we can determine the cause of the error to be a scanner problem we can update your course history. If the problem is related to a missing scanner entry or exit code, we will forward the issue to the review board for consideration.

Speakers can also qualify to receive CEU contact hours.


Several sessions are video taped at the conference and will be made available for offering REHS CEU online contact hours. There are several already posted from previous years on the online exam training videos page. Here is the process for earning online CEUs.

  • Study the videos available on the online exam training videos page (the ones you need credit for) on the public site.
  • Log into your account at and click the PAY FEES tab. Locate the exam you wish to take, check out, and pay the required fee.
  • Click the TOOLS tab and select the REHS Online Exams link. The "Start Exam" links will be activated for all the classes for which you've paid fees.
  • Click the "Start Exam" link when you are ready to start an exam.
  • Complete the exam and then complete the short evaluation of the exam which follows.
  • If you fail the exam you are allowed one more try. Please contact us through the Helpdesk to restart your exam. If you fail the exam more than twice, you must pay the exam fee again. Please contact us through the Helpdesk to restart your exam.
  • If you pass the exam, click the "MEMBERS" tab and select "My Course History" to find the link for printing the certificate.


All speaker presentations are available to registrants before and during a conference. To access presentations, login to your account, click the "SPEAKERS" tab and select the "Browse Presentations" link.


All attendees can access and print their own certificates. We do not send certificates to participants.

  • Login to your account at
  • Click the "Course History" link in the left column navigation. Select the event from the event dropdown list (by default the list will display the current event automatically and you may or may not need to select the event).
  • From the filtered list of sessions you will see all courses for which credit has been given.
  • Click the "Print" link in the actions column to generate and print a specific certificate.
  • To print multiple sessions on one certificate click the check boxes to select the sessions you wish to print (maximum of 10 sessions per certificate) and then select the "Print Certificates" option using the "WITH SELECTED" action at the bottom of the list.

For more information, you can send an email directly to: ConferenceManager[at], call 530-676-0815, send mail to P.O. Box 2017, Cameron Park, CA 95682-2017, or use our general contact form.