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Name Phone Title Agency
GARCIA-LA GRILLE, ROSEANNA ... Senior Hazardous Materials Specialist Alameda County DEH
GARCIGA, JAVIER ... Fire Environmental Safety Specialist Glendale Fire Dept
GATES, JEREMY ... Senior Hazardous Materials Management Specialist Riverside County DEH
GEARHART, CHRISTINA ... REHS lll Lake County Environmental Health
GEBRESILASIE, AMANUEL ... Supervising Hazardous Materials Specialist Los Angeles County Fire
GEISERT, MATTHEW ... Hazardous Materials Supervisor Solano County EH
GERBRANDT, JOHN ... Environmental Health Specialist III Santa Cruz County EH
GIBBONS, KERRI ... Senior Hazardous Materials Program Manager Mariposa County EH
GILL, KACEY ... Hazardous Materials Management Specialist Riverside County DEH
GOADE, GARY ... building official city of fortuna
GOMEZ, GUSTAVO ... Environmental Health Specialist Fresno County DPH
GREEN, DENNIS ... Program Manager Retired - Sacramento County
GRIFFITH, GARY ... Environmental Health Specialist III San Diego County DEH
GRIMES, EMILY ... Hazardous Materials Specialist San Bernardino County Fire
GROGAN, TIM ... Hazardous Materials Specialist Orange County EH
GROSSBERG, LEONARD ... Director City of Vernon
GURFIELD, ARLEEN ... Environmental Health Specialist III San Diego County DEH
GUZMAN, SOCORRO ... Hazardous Materials Specialist II Santa Clara County DEH
HAGUE, PETER ... Environmental Health Specialist San Luis Obispo County EHS
HALL, SHAREEF ... Fire and Environmental Safety Intern Santa Fe Springs Fire Department
HALL, TOM ... Director of Environmental & Fire Prevention Santa Fe Springs Fire - Rescue
HALLEY, BRIAN ... Fire Inspector Los Angeles City Fire Dept
HAMILTON, STEVEN ... Inspector II Los Angeles City Fire Dept
HAMMOND, BEVERLY ... Biologist Sonoma County Ag Dept
HANG, AARON ... Environmental Health Specialist San Joaquin County EHD
HANLEY, MONICA ... Environmental & Safety Inspection Specialist Santa Monica Fire Dept
HANSEN-ROOKS, SUMMER ... Hazardous Waste Specialist II Orange County EH
HARRINGTON, JANICE ... Administratvie Assistant II Calaveras County EH
HASAN, MOUSHUMI ... Supervising Hazardous Materials Specialist Yolo County EHD