CUPA-2021 Session Details

02/16/2021    8am - 3pm    792 of 1000 seats available
C-2/16   UST
Credits      REHS: 6  ICC: 6
The information contained in this presentation is intended to meet the requirements of the Unified Program Technical Training Framework and Improvement Strategies, Core Knowledge and Skills for satisfying Basic/Beginner Underground Storage Tank (UST) inspector training. It is merely a summary of the requirements specified in California Underground Storage Tank Law and Regulations. Likewise, it is not an ICC Exam preparatory class.
This course is an introduction to the world of underground storage tanks (UST) for new inspectors and more experienced inspectors who want to refresh basic skills; and for UST owners/operators who want to keep their facilities in compliance. Participants will be taken on a journey through topics such as: understanding provisions of California UST law and regulations; familiarity with the components and layout of typical UST systems; understanding requirements for performing and reporting testing of UST system components; familiarity with requirements for electronic submittals of UST information in the California Environmental Reporting System (CERS); understanding new and existing tank design, construction and monitoring requirements; and understanding of release recording and reporting requirements.
Greg Breshears - Santa Clara County DEH
Lindsay Morgado - Santa Clara County Fire

Moderator: Wes Wesolowski
An introduction to the UST program requirements including, but not limited to, laws and regulations, system components, operating requirements, and monitoring requirements.