CUPA-2021 Session Details

02/02/2021    1pm - 2pm    853 of 1000 seats available
F-2/2   Clean up
Credits      REHS: 1
This session will update participants on the financial and administrative aspects of the UST program and other cleanup funding accounts.
The course is a comprehensive update on the USTCF including a brief history of funding balances, fiscal demands, and funding projections through 2025. The course will examine possible long-term COVID-19 impacts on funding. Finally, program updates for cleanup funding using the Emergency, Abandoned or Recalcitrant, Orphan Site Cleanup Fund, Site Cleanup Program, and Replacing, Removing, or Upgrading Underground Storage Tanks will be reviewed.
Diane Barclay - State Water Board
Craig Sanchez - State Water Board

Moderator: Ben Heningburg
Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund Update
The State Water Board Fund Manager will provide a thought-provoking update on the following funding programs: Cleanup Fund; Emergency, Abandoned or Recalcitrant account; Orphan Site Cleanup Fund; Site Cleanup Account; Expedited Claim Account Program; and Replacing, Removing or Upgrading Underground Storage Tanks Program.