CUPA-2021 Session Details

02/04/2021    3pm - 5pm    879 of 1000 seats available
I2-2/4   Emergency Response
Credits      REHS: 2
Familiarize students with Immersive Simulation, Computer Based Hazmat training using a safe immersive Simulation environments.
During this zoom presentation the students will be introduced to Immersive Simulation or video game based training using 2-D (flat screen). After being provided with a short initial classroom session students will be turned loose to explore several interactive and engaging HAZWOPER modules. Students will be offered links to various modules to allow a learn by doing experience through the exercises in high fidelity interactive simulations. There will be instructors available while you are in this immersive world to ask questions or if you have any either thru the microphone or using the chat function. Spectral Labs has developed this Computer Based Training (CBT) system called the Realistic, Adaptive, Interactive Learning System (RAILS), which is an Immersive Simulation based training tool that enables students to interact with CBRNE hazards and equipment within realistic virtual environments. CBT is a consistent, ubiquitously available and cost effective training tool to reach this end. Emerging game engine technologies enabling the RAILS Immersive Simulations offer an opportunity for dramatic advances in both worker safety and inspector effectiveness. RAILS deployment is multi-pronged to optimize the efficacy of the training, covering four distinct usage modes: pre-training, classroom training, live exercise supplement, and refresher training. Many of the RAILS platforms are available at no charge to military and emergency response personnel, in addition to other Government agencies. The RAILS software enables control of algorithms within the Game Simulation as well as storage of the trainees in-game performance and test results. A challenge for Computer Based Training (CBT) is the need to keep remote trainees engaged and interested so that they will be self-motivated to initiate learning sessions and understand the Learning Objectives being presented. In that regard computer video games have shown an advantage over flash video or training texts since games present a realistic environment requiring the student to apply and practice the skills, knowledge and abilities needed without an instructor present. During this conference presentation you will have temporary access to four modules. Module 1 is an introduction to the game demonstrating search functions and recognition clues. Module 2 is the EPA and DOT hazard classes. Module 4A is the NIOSH Pocket Guide to chemical Hazards, Toxicology, chemical and physical hazards. Module 4B is how to use the 2020 ERG and an introduction to radiation. Log in and have fun with this FIRST RESPONDER OPERATIONS LEVEL software.
Nick Vent - Retired
John Rolando - Spectral Labs
Carl Bautista - Spectral Labs
Matt Hayden - Spectral Labs

Moderator: Gary Cantwell
Augmented reality presentation to be conducted Feb 4, 2021. Students will be allowed to play 3 modules from a First Responder Operations Level training course. Hazmat Introduction and Recognition Hazard Classes, Placards, and Labels ERG & Radiation