CUPA-2021 Session Details

02/02/2021    1pm - 4pm    903 of 1000 seats available
I-2/2   Emergency Response
Credits      REHS: 3
Class covers assessment through cleanup for mercury releases.
Class covers characteristics, used, instruments for techniques to cleanup and public relations issues associated with mercury releases. Mercury Response and Cleanup Class Directions: 1. Download Mercury Response and Cleanup from 2.Unzip files and down load them to your computer. 3.Click on Modules in order. They will automatically open and play. This is a Power Point Show File, you cannot directly access the Power Point Slides. 4.Once you have completed the class, please send an email to FOSC Robert Wise at and you will be sent a certificate. If an entire agency doing the training, please have your supervisor contact FOSC Wise and a certificate template will be sent to that agency supervisor. 5.Technical questions on Mercury Response and Cleanup can be forwarded to Robert Wise. EPA technical assistance during a Mercury response can be obtained by calling 800-300-2193, ext. 3.
Robert Wise - US EPA Region 9

Moderator: Mario Tresierras