CUPA-2020 Session Details

   8am - 9:45am    31 of 250 seats available
TH-B1   HazWaste
Credits      REHS: 2
Participants will learn not only the basics to managing universal waste, but also identify the less familiar rules and allowances for treatment and accumulation.
Most people think the universal waste rules are easy, and then are surprised when they get a violation. The universal waste accumulation rules in California are more stringent than they are throughout the rest of the country. This makes it especially difficult for facilities that have sites in other states. Universal accumulation rules allow for less stringent management of certain commonly generated materials such as batteries, lamps, and mercury-containing equipment. California also allows some state-specific universal wastes which includes aerosol cans, electronics, and cathode ray tubes. Not only will you learn the basics, but we will also discuss more complex rules for universal waste treatment and personnel training. We will also answer common questions such as: which materials may be managed under these rules (automotive and alkaline batteries?), who exactly needs to be trained (electricians or IT personnel?), what happens if I break a light bulb (is it hazardous waste or universal waste?), and what records must be kept (accumulation time and training records?) Keep your site in compliance and learn about the most common universal waste violations by taking this class.
Regan Bottomley, ERC
Andy Smith