CUPA-2020 Session Details

Mon, Feb 3    3pm - 4:45pm    79 of 160 seats available
M-D3   Admin/Mgt/Leadership
Location   CYPRESS-AB
Credits      REHS: 1
Great health is not the absence of disease; it is achieved by practicing simple daily habits that will lead you to thriving in all areas of your life
It is easy to be healthy, although many of us have been led to believe otherwise. Todays cultural norm teaches that must live with stress, but science and psychology are proving otherwise. The best health care is our self-care. We make being healthy more difficult than it has to be. Dont get confused by all the hype in the media, and by companies trying to sell you products. Get back to the basics of good nutrition, easy fitness strategies, and stress management tools, that will set you up on a daily routine that works for you. You can take control of your health, your stress and your life. If you want to have financial health, you learn how to budget, save and invest your money. It is the same with your mental and physical health. In this class you will learn how easy it is to: Eat well Move and exercise throughout the day Understand your health numbers such as cholesterol, blood sugar and healthy weight Understand how stress negatively impacts your physical health Most importantly, you will be given practical tools and action steps to get you moving in the right direction to overcome your specific obstacles by looking at stress in a new way. Living a healthy life really is simple when you have the right information and outlook. If you are struggling with your weight, high blood sugar, heart disease, diabetes or back pain or mental stress that manifests as physical pain, and you lack the motivation or knowledge to get started on a better path, then this class is for you. As a Certified Health and Wellness Coach and a National Diabetes Program Prevention Instructor, I will share the simple tools you need to get started on a healthier life, less stressful life and give you the support you need to follow through.
Lynell Ross, Health and Harmony Wellness Coaching

Physical Strategies for Turning Stress into Strength
Great health is not the absence of disease, it is achieved by practicing simple daily habits that help you to thrive in all areas of your life. It is easier to be healthy and live a stress free life when you have the right mindset and have the tools to deal with the pressures of life. We will discuss the physical things you can do to reduce stress, and feel stronger.