CUPA-2020 Session Details

Wed, Feb 5    3pm - 4:45pm    44 of 150 seats available
W-H4   Industry
Location   REGENCY-B
Credits      REHS: 2
Discuss managing used oil in CA and opportunities afforded to some generators under AB 2928 to manage used oil as non-hazardous waste Recycled Oil.
Used oil is one of the most common hazardous wastes in CA, yet is subject to a potentially confusing set of standards under Title 22 and the HSC. Recent legislation allows relief for generators of highly controlled processes to manage used oil as non-hazardous waste recycled oil. The advantages, disadvantages, recordkeeping requirements, and other potential requirements under the CUPA Programs for used oil and used oil debris will be discussed.
Mike Dudasko, Yorke Engineering, LLC
Geoff Knight, Yorke Engineering, LLC

Used Oil - AB2928
Discussion of the statute changes which took effect January 1 2019 allowing "highly controlled used oil" to be managed as a non-hazardous waste.