CUPA-2020 Session Details

Mon, Feb 3    1pm - 4:45pm    121 of 150 seats available
M-H2   Industry
Location   REGENCY-B
Credits      REHS: 4
Upon completion of this course, industry will have identified and rated various gaps and/or opportunities that exist within the CUPA programs.
This course will provide a brief overview of the Lean Six Sigma (LSS) tools and then utilize several of those tools through practical application. The output of this course will consist of industry identified opportunities to increase compliance for the betterment of public health, safety and the environment. The information gathered from this course will be reviewed at the CalEPA Industry Stakeholder Meeting on Tuesday night.
Michelle Le, PG&E
Cindy Pappas, PG&E Senior Environmental Scientist
Sheilah Lillie, PG&E