CUPA-2020 Session Details

HMBP 101
Mon, Feb 3    8am - 9:45am    0 of 156 seats available
M-I1   Emergency Response/HMBP
Location   REGENCY-C
Credits      REHS: 2
Attendees will have familiarity with the history of HMBP (Hazardous Materials Business Plan), regulatory requirements, implementation, and enforcement.
Businesses that store reportable quantities of hazardous materials are required to disclose their inventory by developing a Hazardous Materials Business Plan (HMBP). This presentation will discuss the history of HMBP, identify common hazardous materials, and understand the standard reportable thresholds and exemptions. The minimum reporting requirements for HMBP elements, a peak into what inspectors look for, and an enforcement overview.
Julie Unson, Santa Barbara County Environmental Health, Shavonne Hylton, Santa Barbara County Environmental Health,
Jason Parker, LA City Fire Dept.