CUPA-2020 Session Details

Wed, Feb 5    8am - 11:45am    109 of 170 seats available
Credits      REHS: 4
Provide inspectors and regulators the knowledge to ensure the integrity of petroleum tanks.
The class will go over the differences between small and large tanks. We will address industry standards and relevant standards of practice. We cover why and how tanks fail and their impacts. We will discuss the residual risk in operating this hazardous equipment and what the best practices are to reduce those risks to acceptable levels. We will also provide resources on evaluating the integrity status of a given tank.
Philip Myers, PE, MS, Director, PEMY Consulting
Brock Trotter, PEMY Consulting
Seth Myers, PEMY Consulting
Alex Romanow, Ranger Inspection
Alexander Romanow, Ranger Inspection

Tank Inspections - Ranger
Discussion of tank inspections from standards, to intervals, calculations, and more.
All About Petroleum Tanks
Information on petroleum use, types of tanks, tank components, tank drainage, causes of leaks, industry standards, and much more.