CUPA-2020 Session Details

Thu, Feb 6    8am - 9:45am    136 of 150 seats available
TH-E1   Enforcement
Location   HARBOUR-AB
Credits      REHS: 2
Introduction to suspension, debarment, statutory exclusions, and the EPA's Suspension and Debarment Program.
In 2018, in California, the federal government awarded nearly $150 billion dollars in grants, contracts, and loans through roughly 500,000 prime awards. This presentation will look at: how the EPA uses suspension and debarment to prevent irresponsible individuals and entities from receiving government awards and sub-awards; causes for suspension and debarment; and how state & local agencies can work with EPA to protect taxpayer dollars.
Ross Phillips - Debarment Counsel - USEPA Suspension and Debarment Division,

Kathleen Timmins - Division Director - USEPA, Suspension and Debarment Division,

Roy Seidenstein, US EPA

EPA's S&D: Protecting Federal Funds
Suspension and Debarment (S&D) Attorneys Ross Phillips and Roy Seidenstein, and S&D Division Director Kathleen Timmins, will provide a crash course on S&D. The training will discuss the following topics: the importance of S&D for protecting federal funds; the governing principles, policies, and authorities behind S&D; the nuts and bolts of the EPAs S&D program; a survey of recent S&D actions in California; S&Ds SUPERPOWERS compared to other remedies for noncompliance and misconduct; the advantages of early S&D referrals; and how you can refer cases to the EPAs S&D program.