CUPA-2020 Session Details

Wed, Feb 5    3pm - 4:45pm    180 of 350 seats available
W-C4   UST
Location   SEQUIOA-B
Credits      REHS: 2  ICC: 2
This class will focus on intermediate level UST topics for the journey level underground storage tank (UST) inspector.
This course will continue on the path started in the UST Basic course, pushing deeper into the amazing world of Underground Storage Tanks (USTs). Participants will be introduced to topics such as: More in-depth discussions of UST laws & regulations; More in-depth discussions of specific types of components and requirements; Ability to note compliance or violations during a basic UST inspection; Conduct appropriate UST inspection follow up.
Cher Vue, Sacramento County Env. Management
Monica Hanley, Santa Monica Fire Dept.

UST 201 - Intermediate UST Inspector Training
This course will cover the following topics: How to conduct advanced Underground Storage Tank inspections, understanding USTs based on their installation date and line leak detectors. This presentation is intended to meet the requirements of the Unified Program Training Framework and Improvement Strategies, Core Knowledge and Skills for satisfying Intermediate Underground Storage Tank (UST) inspector training.