CUPA-2019 Session Details

Thu, Feb 28    1pm - 2:45pm    133 of 200 seats available
TH-A3   CalARP
Credits      REHS: 2
After attending this class, attendees will be able review the tools available in CERS for preparing HMBPs (Hazardous Materials Business Plans) for businesses under the jurisdiction of multiple CUPAs while providing strategies for the ongoing management and updates of these HMBPs.
This presentation will discuss the challenges faced by businesses managing HMBP requirements, such as different standards for reporting thresholds, different site map and other requirements, throughout multiple jurisdictions. This will assist the business owner to develop more consistent and accurate HMBPs for multiple facilities, with the goal of simplifying and increasing accuracy of ongoing program management. Tools discussed will include: organizing facilities under a single business by merging and transferring facility records in CERS; Excel tips for preparation and updates for submittal of Multi-Facility Inventory and Owner/Operator data; use of Microsoft Suite Mail-Merge to automate preparation of updated Contingency Plans; strategies for preparation of multiple consistent HMBP maps; reviewing inspection, violation, enforcement actions using CERS Excel reports; tips for new facility setup; and considerations for new sites located in shopping plazas/mini-malls.
Geoff Knight, CPEA, Yorke Engineering
Multi-Facility Business HMBPs - Tips for Better and Consistent Plans
Describes HMBP challenges and tips for solving for multi-facility businesses.