CUPA-2020 Session Details

Mon, Feb 3    1pm - 4:45pm    117 of 250 seats available
M-B2   HazWaste
Location   SEQUIOA-A
Credits      REHS: 4
Students will learn the basic steps in the hazardous waste classification process.
Topics to be covered include: definitions, acronyms, common names of wastes, California chemical lists that create a hazardous waste, federal vs. California classification schemes, waste classification flowchart, characteristic RCRA and Non-RCRA hazardous waste, RCRA hazardous waste from listed sources, three elements of the mixture rule (RCRA Wastes), regulatory exclusions, Universal Wastes, California waste codes, designated wastes, exemptions for specified substances, and special wastes.
Bavneet Benipal, Ph.D., DTSC, Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist)
Diana Peebler, DTSC, Senior Environmental Scientist (Supervisor)

Hazardous Waste Identification
Objectives - A hazardous waste determination process Hazardous waste laws and regulations pertaining to the hazardous waste identification process Understanding the terms waste, exemption, exclusion, listing, characteristic (i.e., the definition of a hazardous waste), mixture, derived-from and contained-in Presenters - Bavneet Benipal, Ph.D. (Department of Toxic Substances Control) Diana Peebler(Department of Toxic Substances Control)