CUPA-2020 Session Details

Wed, Feb 5    3pm - 4:45pm    4 of 25 seats available
W-L4   Technology
Location   9052
Credits      REHS: 2
Familiarize the students with Hazmat training using a safe virtual reality environment.
During this presentation the students will be introduced to Virtual Reality Chemical and Explosive environments after being provided with initial classroom training. They will then be turned loose on the computers set up in the room to learn by doing through exercises in high fidelity interactive simulations. Students will use and learn about several detectors from the available set of 6 chemical and 3 explosive detectors while playing the game
Nick Vent, Subject Matter expert
John Rolando, Vice President, Technology Development Division

Computer Based HAZMAT Training
This briefing will be used as a brief (10 minute) introduction to the class. The remainder of the class will be spent exercising the training software on provided laptops. Additionally, those that wish to participate will be able to step away from the laptops for a full VR training demonstration using the Oculus Quest.