CUPA-2020 Session Details

Mon, Feb 3    8am - 9:45am    41 of 150 seats available
M-A1   CalARP
Location   REGENCY-A
Credits      REHS: 2
Provide an overview of the CalARP laws and regulations mandating CUPA agency reviews of submitted Risk Management Plans (RMP) and the review process.
Once an owner or operator submits a RMP to the CUPA, what's next? Grab your coffee and dive in. Course provides a detailed description of the RMP review process from submittal (beginning) to evaluation review (end), with sample checklists and review letters, including discussion of field verification of RMP elements. Also, provide guidance on developing CUPA RMP submittal guidelines for CalARP owners or operators, and coordination requirements.
Eileen Woodbury, Woodbury Consulting
Single Wall Tank Closure From Start To Finish
This Presentation provides an overview of What Can Be Done Right Now to progress single wall tank systems towards permanent closure, best practices for tank removal, and enforcement options to consider once the permanent closure deadline has passed.
Risk Ranking SOP
Procedure and risk rank algorithm to conduct a preliminary risk determination for CalARP Table 3 facilities.
CalARP RMP Review Contact Information
Speaker contact info to obtain MS Excel risk ranking spreadsheet.
CalARP RMP Reviews - Woodbury
CalARP Program Level 1, 2, and 3 regulatory RMP Reviews.
Indoor Tanks for Operation and Manufacturing
Review of regulations that apply to indoor tanks associated with manufacturing and equipment operation.