CUPA-2019 Session Details

   1pm - 4:45pm    115 of 150 seats available
W-D3   Admin/Mgt/Leadership
Credits      REHS: 4
To give CUPAs an insight as to how the NEW CUPA Performance Evaluation process will be conducted and how findings are determined.
Though the CUPA Performance Evaluation process is conducted uniformly with CalEPA, Cal OES, DTSC, OSFM and the State Water Board, each state agency reviews different information in CERS, CUPA documents, state databases, and facility files to determine the adequacy of implementing each Unified Program element. Each state agency will present how the different information is reviewed, and how findings are determined with the information available.
CUPA Performance Evaluation Team Leads:
Kareem Taylor, CalEPA
Marc Lorentzen, CalEPA
Christopher Moon, CalEPA
Denise Gibson, Cal OES
Matthew McCarron, DTSC
Kevin Abriol, DTSC
Glenn Warner, OSFM
Joann Lai, OSFM,
Lisa Jensen, State Water Board

CUPA Performance Evaluations: Determining Findings - Cal OES
This presentation informs the audience about the tools used and information reviewed by the California Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) to determine CUPA evaluation findings.
CUPA Performance Evaluations: Determining Findings - CalEPA
This presentation includes the tools used and information reviewed by CalEPA to determine evaluation findings.
An overview of the elements OSFM uses as part of the CUPA performance assessment process
Determing Findings
DTSC's CUPA evaluation process and how we review information, determine findings and corrective actions.
Unified Program - UST Program Evaluations
Evaluating implementation of the State Water Board UST Program.