CUPA-2020 Session Details

   8am - 4:45pm    35 of 50 seats available
TH-K1   Hazwoper
Credits      REHS: 8
This training will cover all of the required elements of the mandated for the OSHA annual 8 Hr HAZWOPER refresher including Post Disaster Assessments. (Pre-Reg Required)
This annual refresher training will cover all of the required elements of the mandated training. This session is geared toward inspectors and the hazards they may encounter while conducting post disaster assessments. CUPA inspectors are increasingly being called upon to work as disaster service workers during declared emergencies. This class will help keep your focus on your own health and safety, the public safety and protection of the environment. The class is broken into lecture and hands on stations to allow participation for the topics you need: Lectures and stations include: Disaster recovery Concept of Operations, Safety Hazards Overview of Air Monitoring-Instrumentation use and identification of unknown liquids and solids. Site Characterization & Hazard Assessment, Sampling Equipment (Field), Hazardous Material Sampling, Personal Protective Equipment & Chemical Protective Clothing. Compressed Gas: Hazards, Cylinder Types and Identification. (Pre-Reg Required)
Brad Long, San Diego DEH
Todd Burton, San Diego DEH
Leon Wirschem, San Diego DEH
Brad Richardson, San Diego DEH