CUPA-2019 Session Details

   8am - 9:45am    22 of 30 seats available
M-N1   Tech Lab
Location   GOLD KEY III
Credits      REHS: 2
Familiarize the students with Hazmat training using a safe virtual reality environment. Understand hazardous materials health and safety
During this presentation the students will be introduced to Virtual Reality Chemical and Explosive environments after being provided with initial classroom training. They will then be turned loose on the computers set up in the room to learn by doing through exercises in high fidelity interactive simulations. Students will use and learn about several detectors from the available set of 6 chemical and 3 explosive detectors while playing the games. Most aspects of the training are available on several platforms, including PC, smartphones, and tablets. RAILS deployment is multi-pronged to optimize the efficacy of the training, covering four distinct usage modes: pre-training, classroom training, live exercise supplement, and refresher training. Spectral Labs has developed this Computer Based Training (CBT) system called the Realistic, Adaptive, Interactive Learning System (RAILS), which is an Immersive Simulation based training tool that enables students to interact with CBRNE hazards and equipment within realistic virtual environments. CBT is a consistent, ubiquitously available and cost effective training tool to reach this end. Emerging game engine technologies enabling the RAILS Immersive Simulations offer an opportunity for dramatic advances in both worker safety and inspector effectiveness. The existing RAILS platforms are currently available at no charge to military and emergency response personnel. This software enables control of algorithms within the Game Simulation as well as storage of the trainees in-game performance and test results. A challenge for Computer Based Training (CBT) is the need to keep remote trainees engaged and interested so that they will be self-motivated to initiate learning sessions and understand the Learning Objectives being presented. In that regard computer video games have shown an advantage over flash video or training texts since games present a realistic environment requiring the student to apply and practice the skills, knowledge and abilities needed without an instructor present. The RAILS platform requires responders to don PPE and to take the appropriate actions based on observed field instrument readings and Non-Playing Character (NPC) exposure symptoms. The students cognitive learning paths are challenged and reinforced by RAILS-CHEM and RAILS-X by requiring active trainee participation as the game scenario unfolds. Improper actions will have consequences for the Avatars and not the players. Actions during the simulation and performance on a post-game quiz determine if the trainee has mastered the level of proficiency for the Learning Objectives as set by the instructor.
Nick Vent, Subject Matter expert
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John Rolando, Vice President, Technology Development Division
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