CUPA-2020 Session Details

   8am - 12pm    50 of 50 seats available
Th-B1   HazWaste
Location   0
Credits      REHS: 4
Students will learn about complex issues of interest to the advanced level inspector in the hazardous waste field.
This class is a good opportunity for seasoned inspectors to consider and discuss the application of laws, regulations, and guidance documents to a variety of complex scenarios. This class will be divided into three segments covering Hazardous Waste Determination and Sampling. Advanced Waste and Treatment Tier Classification, and Hazardous Waste Tank System Standards. Each segment will cover the laws and regulations governing the topic and US EPA and DTSC guidance documents that clarify these requirements. These requirements will be applied to a variety of scenarios and the group will discuss a variety of perspectives, interpretations and decisions relating to the scenarios. It is preferred that attendees have a moderate to high understanding of hazardous waste regulations but the course includes basic and complex requirements and could serve as a fast paced introduction to complex topics for new inspectors.
Mike Vizzier, Leon Wirschem, Keith Waara