Environmental & Safety Leadership Awards

This award program is intended to highlight exceptional achievement by Unified Program Agencies, Participating Agencies and individuals. Multiple awards will be acknowledged before the 2017 CUPA Training Conference, if warranted.

In a concise, one or two-page format (not to exceed 500 words), please describe the organization, program, or individual being nominated and indicate why the nominee should be awarded a UNIFIED PROGRAM AGENCY ENVIRONMENTAL & SAFETY LEADERSHIP AWARD. Among the items that should be addressed in this statement are:

  • What major impact and/or specific role did the nominee make in the field of environmental protection through educational activities, the development of a special program, involvement in the legislative process, or any special achievement during the calendar year of 2016 that enhances the protection of the environment and/or public health and safety?

Summarize the purpose, objectives, and/or accomplishments of the program, organization, or individual being nominated. The statement should not exceed 100 words and should be suitable for use in a catalog, database, or brochure.

For more detailed information about award nominations, including how to structure the nominations, and where to email the nomination, download the detailed information sheet below:

How to Submit Electronically

Award nominations can now be submitted electronically. Log into your CUPA Training account, click the TOOLS tab and select the Award Nominations option.

Award nominations must be submitted before January 17th, 5PM.

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